LinovCRM Sales

Leads Management

Leads are an important part of any sales process and LinovCRM can help you streamline your lead management process.

  • Acquire Your Leads
    Complete lead tracking designed to help you close more deals
    • Create new leads
    • Import leads and contact
    • Scan your leads from business cards
    • Web form automation to capture leads from your website
    • Integrate your leads from social media and 3rd party app


  • Organize your leads
    Identify and qualify your target leads
    • Records of full contact and description information
    • Create social connection with leads and get insight
    • See all interaction with the leads in one place
    • Categorize your leads with tags
    • Manage status of leads
    • Rate the leads to know priority


  • Convert your qualified leads

Account Management

Account are customers, entities you are working with or conversion of leads who close to deals.

Account divide into 2 categories:

  1. Business Account is related to companies or other entities. Business can be company, government, schools, non-profit organization, etc.
  2. Person Account is related to individual people or individual consumers.


You store every bit of information about account in your CRM

  • Company or Person name
  • Address & website
  • Industry line and no of employees
  • People or contact in company
  • Opportunity
  • Product & Services
  • Quotation and invoice
  • Case & Solution
  • Your activity with account(Task, call, email, and events)
  • Flexible Calendaring
  • Notes and Comments
  • File Sharing
  • Social media linked

Contact Management

  • You link account with contact to gain information of relationship
  • Contact management is not really about contacts… It’s about relationships
  • LinovCRM contact management style is to bring them to life—from an only name in a data field to a richly-detailed 3D person
  • If information about contacts is scattered all over the place, collecting and managing it is time-consuming and bothersome.


You store every bit of information about individual in your accounts

  • Address Book
  • Your activity with contact (Task, call, email, and events)
  • Flexible Calendaring
  • Notes and Comments
  • File Sharing
  • Social media linked
  • Tags, Notification, and Following
  • Linking (Direct Relationships Between Contacts, Organizations, Opportunities, Projects)
  • Mass Email and Email Templates

Opportunity Management

  • Track potential deals and the amount of potential sales
  • Follow up the account associate with, product or services you offered and key activities to close deals
  • Manage progress every stage from qualify to win deals

Product Management

  • Manage product and services offered to customer
  • Manage standard prices and custom price for different of customer segment
  • Create document to support sales : sales order, quote, invoice and contract

Activity Management

  • Activity is enabler of sales productivity
  • Manage and track activities to keep in touch with all of leads and customers
  • To-do lists tasks and relate to leads, account, campaign and other information you need
  • Schedule activity and set trigger for reminder include schedule to propose meeting, invite people and accept meeting invites

Forecast Management

  • Forecast is used to predict and plan sales revenue and quantities of opportunity pipeline
  • Set forecast hierarchy and quota on each sales person or are or group

LinovCRM Marketing

Campaign Management

  • Manage and track marketing campaign to increase sales
  • Track response of campaign
  • Analyze campaign effectiveness
    • Online campaign : Mass Marketing Emails, Social Media Updates
    • Offline : Advertisement, seminar, conference,etc

Marketing Automation

  • Email Campaign
    • Send mail directly from CRM to leads, contact, or any valid email address and receive email into CRM
    • You can group recipient and schedule delivery
    • Use any template from the samples or create by you own
    • Track who read and un-read and subscriber or un-subscriber
email blast

LinovCRM Customer Services

Help Desk

  • Our Helpdesk provide you tools to build overall customer relationships that are more personal and productive
  • System for dealing with ticket request from any channel
  • Easy way to get any resources to help customer by themselves